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At Pure Function Motorsports, we are an Installation Shop and Parts Store that specializes in modifying vehicles to fit each customers' preferences to help them grow their experience with their vehicles. Our passion-based hobby developed into a business that we have poured our hearts into in hopes we can help people get the most out of their vehicles. Every vehicle that enters our shop is treated with special care, as if it's our own. We strive to give back to the community as a thanks for helping us become the people we are today and helping the business flourish, especially with our most recent pandemic. We will be offering workshops that people can attend to learn more about vehicles in general.

Justin grew up in the custom car industry spending alot of time at his fathers custom csr and restoration shop, graduated from Trade School for Metal Fabrication, and then after highschool, he attended school for automotive, diesel, and heavy trucks. He started his automotive career by as a technician at a Dealership, and spent some time in the heavy truck and equipment industry where he learned the importiance of preventitive maintenance, over engerneering and redundancy to keep things reliable, while spending some time working road service for the heavy equipment he learned how things break and how to make a things relaible for a long time. while also modifying Jeeps on the side as a hobby. He has always had a passion for vehicles that actually performed, such as Rally vehicles, in addition to Jeeps in general. He purchased his dream vehicle, a brand new 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and he modified it for his off-roading lifestyle, upgrading basically everything underneath the Jeep. As his knowledge and interest grew, he formed a connection with the local Jeep Community and upgraded JKs that has now become his life-long passion. Justin's Offroad Solutions was a result of a large demand for a deeper understanding of the potential of the capiabilities of the JK platform. His custom work on Jeeps was such a success that he became well known at Jeep events for any questions or recommendations for upgrades on their Jeeps. In 2016, as a joke, he decided to AutoCross his Jeep because they're typically not seen at these types of driving events. He had an experience like no other; lifting tires around each corner at a higher than normal comfortable rate of speed, and so he decided to modify his Jeep to improve the driving style at the track, while unaffecting and in the end imporving his off-roading driveability. More recently, he purchased his first Subaru, a 2008 WRX Hatch. He had it almost stripped down to a shell to investigate future potential in the platform, at the same time also completing all preventative-maintenance. He then modified this Subaru by improving its drivability, functionality, and reduced any suspension noise and unwanted feedback from the road. With this experience, he decided to expand and rebrand his business to include working on all Makes and Models of vehicles, especially Subaru's. With his growing passion and knowledge for making things better then previously imagined, he partnered with Sarah and they formed what is now known as Pure Function Motorsports.

Meet the Owners

Sarah has been an automotive enthusiast since high school, who now has a background in Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Fashion Merchandising. Her automotive passion rapidly grew in 2010 when she bought her dream car, a 2007 Subaru STi. She immediately modified it for her preference. Wanting to actually drive the vehicle fast in a legal setting, she attended her first AutoCross event in 2011. Here she learned the vehicle dynamics and potential that her vehicle has. Throughout the following years of ownership, she learned how finicky Subaru Engines are and was forced to have the engine internals replaced, luckily still under warranty. With this new found knowledge of weak internals, she opted to swap out the engine for a more reliable, built-internal engine, and also improved the drivability and performance. In addition to attending AutoCross events, she also partook in Ice Racing Events in VT and NH. Being an active member in the car community, she developed a hobby of taking photos of vehicles for all types of events, such as car shows, drift events, ice racing and AutoCross as well. She also makes automotive-themed custom decals and apparel. She eventually met Justin at an Autocross event. Her first time in a Jeep off pavement had opened her eyes to a whole new style of driving and has a new appreciation for off-roading vehicles. She dabbled in car sales at a used-car dealership, but decided she wanted to achieve something greater; hence, the partnership with Justin in their performance-based automotive businesss. She currently makes custom artwork and merchandise, and does graphic installations through her business Yangsta Designs, in addition to managing the back-office operations, Parts Sales, and General Merchandise Designs for Pure Function Motorsports.



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