Here at Pure Function Motorsports, we strive to satisfy customers' needs for their preference of drivability with their vehicle. Whether you're interested in having parts installed or having your vehicle diagnosed for any reason, we'd be more than happy to schedule you an appointment!


To schedule an appointment, please either call, email, or fill out our contact form! We look forwards to assisting you and helping you modify your vehicle to its full potential!

Pure Function Motorsport's top priority is Customer Service. We strive for customer satisfaction for the service and products we offer. Please give us a call if you need pricing for a product you'd like to have installed. We may be able to offer you a special package price, which includes deals on both parts and installation. We look forwards to assisting you with any questions, recomendations, technical information, or any general help.


We offer the following services (but not limited to):

  • Vehicle Check Overs
  • Re-Gearing
  • Suspension
  • Parts Installation
  • Drivability
  • Diagnosis (including Electrical)
  • Turbo and Supercharger Kits
  • and Much More!


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